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Bajigar, old Shahruk khan's film

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Bajigar, old Shahruk khan's film Empty Bajigar, old Shahruk khan's film

Post by Mostafizur Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:55 am

Bajigar is an old movie but this is very ineresting movie. You can watch this movie for your entertainment. About 8 years ago I watched but I think, I am a new man who watch this movie. Good bye


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Bajigar, old Shahruk khan's film Empty Re: Bajigar, old Shahruk khan's film

Post by Rameshbhairavastrologer Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:39 am

Baazigar is a 1993 Indian Hindi film directed by Abbas-Mustan. Based on Ira Levin's 1953 novel A Kiss Before Dying.Baazigar at the time it came was a sort of trendsetter mainly for the reason it had an anti-hero in the lead role; thus breaking the conventional image a hero seemed to have.

The film shocked its Indian audience with the violation of the standard Bollywood formula which was unexpected.It was one of top 5 highest grossing films of 1993.SHahRuKhan received much critical acclaim and tremendous popularity as this film shot him into prominence Some criticism is due to the way Priya is portrayed as behaving when all secrets are revealed, though that is surely a minor point.

so coming to the film Khan proved to have a great screen presence as well, and was good at almost everything which a Bollywood hero should possess. Right from dancing well to excelling in histrionics and those one or two light comedy scenes, King Khan was a treat to watch. Though he went overboard more than a couple of times in the climax, it showed his energy, boiling n popping inside him and coming out with a blast whenever it required.

Kajol was quite effective in her role . Though she was not looking vey gorgeous because of lack of make up and beautiful costumes.Shipla shetty gave decent perforamce on her debut and looked cute.Rakhi was good as usual.dalip tahil also did his job well.

The comic portions were genuinely funny.I really enjoyed watching.Johny lever was very popular comedian at that time and one of Abbas-mustan favorites.Since Khiladi, the brothers have cast Johnny Lever in every single one of their movies except Naqaab.

The music of movie was superhit of that time and as a result bagged 2 filmfare awards in music department of total of 4.Anu Malik was at his very best there.Movie's various songs rocked the chart for several weeks.

At the end i will recommend it to everyone specially for srk fans.I know if u watch it today you may find it somewhat old (awkward hair cut and dressing sense,dancing,etc)but remember when it was released i.e 1993 so from that point of view it was excellent.Rest Its Success Speaks itself.A must watch.


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Bajigar, old Shahruk khan's film Empty Re: Bajigar, old Shahruk khan's film

Post by Sharma Bestpsychichealers Mon May 27, 2019 3:47 am

Thnks for sharing your information...

Sharma Bestpsychichealers

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Bajigar, old Shahruk khan's film Empty Re: Bajigar, old Shahruk khan's film

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